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Arthur Murch

Timeline 1960 – 1969

1960 -1963

Murch commissioned to paint the “Foundation of European Settlement” for the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, Sydney. This work was 15 metres long and 4.2 m at the highest end of its wedge shape. David Schlunke, who lived with the family as Arthur’s “apprentice” as well as Julian Halls and Helga Lanzendorfer worked on the project. The work was undertaken in a very large “brown paper parcel” know as “The Cathedral” in the backyard. Read more about the process and background to the making of the mural. The mural was unveiled in 1963.


Helga Lanzendorfer working on the mural 1962


1964 – 1965

Arthur and Michelle spend 3 months at Hermannsburg in Central Australia. Murch had last visited in 1934. He teaches at the Mission School and paints many works including portraits of Rubina Namatjira and descendants of people he had met in the 1930’s.


Kuprilya Day 1964. Murch raised money through screenings of his 1934 film of Central Australia. The money was used to build a 4 mile pipeline from Kuprilya Springs into Hermannsburg settlement.

1966 – 1967

Murch teaches at The Aboriginal Arts Foundation Sydney and the Royal Art Society


Always interested in art teaching and children, Murch initiates an ambitious school holiday program called  “Avalon Basic Arts Summer School

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